"Titus is now 15 months old and we've had him for 1 year now. This is my very first gun dog owned and my first training experience. He has hunted ruffed grouse, pheasants and quail and as provided solid bird work on all 3 species to date despite the differences. Our local focus is wild bobwhites where Titus has out produced all other dogs every day we've hunted this season so far. He will occasionally range out but normally works at a close moderate range the majority of the time. The denser the cover, the closer he works and adjusts accordingly. He has a ton of natural ability and intelligence. Improves almost every time we go out. 

He is a house dog and family dog also. He sleeps with my 8 year old daughter and the two are best buds. He listens to her as much as he does me. Is great with kids and loves them. Might caution with a baby but handles 3+ kids very well. Gets along with all other dogs and is not agressive in the least bit. Even with puppies.

Titus can hunt all day and put up the miles in thick cover and not lose any determination or motivation. Likewise he can flip the switch and is a complete relaxed couch potato at home. Knows when to turn it on full and when to relax. 

David and Donna have been very helpful and friendly from 1st contact and have continued to be a great resource over the past year. 

I would strongly recommend anyone to consider the Robinsons, their kennel, and their great dogs if looking for a natural and well mannered GSP."

-Joshua Massingill

"I'm writing this Testimonial in May 2016 exactly 2 years after J.J. was Born from David's Jack x Molly. I can say with 100% Confidence that I have never had a dog Fully Loaded with as much Natural Ability as J.J. Since I brought him Home he has been a Natural Retriever and by the time he was 6 months old he proved to be a Natural at Backing/Honoring my other GSP's. I rarely have to tell him something twice because he is a very good Listener and is very eager to Learn.

I am a very fortunate 'wild' GameBird Hunter and have been able to travel from my home state of Illinois and take J.J. to Idaho to hunt Valley Quail & Pheasants. The State of Washington for Valley Quail, Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants. He has also traveled with me to Kansas & Kentucky multiple times producing finds/holds on Bobwhite Quail as well as more Rooster Pheasants and Prairie Chickens.

Matter of fact, last Season in December 2015 outside of Belle Plaine, Kansas I was with a small group of Hunters from Kansas and we had three GSP's in an cut/cleared Milo Field. J.J. being the youngest and least experienced spun in the middle of the open Field and pinned a Rooster Pheasant and held point till shot. Anyone that has been in this type of environment knows that a empty/cut Milo Field is a Challenge (Great for Quail, Harder for Pheasants). The other Hunters noticed how he had been finding/holding the majority of the Birds the two previous days so when he Produced this 'wild' Kansas Rooster there was NO Hesitation from another hunter to purchase him at $1,800 cash, same day. He has Proven his Worth in less than two years. In my opinion it's Priceless.

David breeds Excellent pups and I would not hesitate to own another."

-Dan Jones

"We purchased our 2nd Grousebustergundogs' pup, Rocky Mountains Black Beauty, in November of 2015.  This was a Stormy X Sadie breeding.  Stormy is brother to our first Grousebustergundogs pup, Scout.  This new apple fell right next to the tree.  Beauty started running along guided hunts at 3 months with solid unwavering honors and not a gun shy bone in her body. We are extremely happy and will likely be getting a third pup in the next year.  Grousebustergundogs knows how to breed a great hunting dog.  We have two to prove it."

-Amy Johnson

"Just wanted to drop you a note to give you an update on Cooper. He's doing fantastic and we all continue to love him. He's a very smart dog, with a great temperament and he's so much more calm in the house than our Vizsla ever was. My wife is hoping that does not change. 

I've had a chance to get him on some birds over the last month and get him started to hear some shots. I shot a dove near him and got him to nibble on it (no retrieve) and also had him on some pigeons which my friend raises. He found the pigeons and only barked at them versus pointing but he surely showed interest.

However the best experience was last weekend when I took him out on some public land where I know there are quail and pheasant. After busting a big covey myself, I let him work to see if I could let him work to see if I could get him on some singles and he didn't disappoint. I  was surprised to walk up on him with a rock solid point, followed by a quail flushing. Yes he ended up flushing the bird instead of holding steady, though frankly I prefer that for pheasants which will run versus holding like a quail does. 

Overall I'm thrilled (and frankly surprised) at how well he's doing at four months old. I can't wait to take him out again this weekend and then to Iowa in one month (though I know he will be challenged there). 

Thank you for breeding such a great dog!!!!"

-Chuck Hardy

"I purchased my 1st GSP puppy from Grousebuster Gundogs in August 2013. Duke was a born natural hunting dog. At 8 weeks or age he was already retrieving toys straight back to hand with a soft mouth. At 16 weeks of age, he past his advanced obedience course with flying colors. At 1 yr old he went to gundog school with a well known trainer, who declared Duke a natural. We have been hunting together all season, and he continues to amaze me with his disciplined approach and instinct.

In May of 2014, I picked up my 2nd GSP puppy  from Grousebusters. Dom is another solid pick, and comes from a different breeding pair than Duke. Both dogs have bonded well, and at 8 months of age, Dom is currently away at gundog school. Again, my trainer is extremely impressed with Dom's intensity, natural ability and drive. 

Grousebusters certainly has a great formula going in their kennel and breeding program. If you are looking for a GSP that is bred for hunting and being your companion, then you need to speak with Grousebuster Gundogs. I'll be going back again for my next addition to the pack."

-Steve Hamilton

"I purchased a Roxie X Ruger pup in May of 2014. I am an upland bird guide at Rocky Mountain Roosters in Calhan, Colorado. Mt pup is loaded with tons of natural ability: points, backs and retrieves to hand. At 8.5 months of age, Scout is so developed and steady in her ability that I am using her to guide with already. You know your pup is good when the experienced GSP's start backing her and my clients want to buy her. Scout has about 20 - 25 professional hunts under her belt already. I have not had to force fetch, use a whoa table/post with her or a check cord. She just wants to work and is extremely confident."

-Amy Johnson

"It is easy to admit that David's dogs have turned our breeding program around. A few years ago, I was trying to locate a good hunting dog line. I had the Rusty and Moesgaard dogs but I was not happy with their water work or natural retrieve, and they were running too far out at times. I contacted David because he was a grouse hunter and had a German American line. I got three puppies from David, and he could not have been nicer. 

Jack and Jill are from two separate breedings from David. Jack might possibly be the best dog I've ever owned. Talk about a dog that can do it all, this dog can. Great natural retrieve, great water work., ducks, quail, doves, 3 kinds of grouse, huns, pheasants, bobcats, badgers, foxes, coons. Az., Nev., Cal., Wash., Montana, etc.  As you can see I think pretty highly of this boy. Jill is the same kind of dog, even better on sharptails. Great point, backing, water work, etc. Also both dogs are therapy dogs, their that nice. Believe be, I could go on and on. I have a kennel with lots of German Shorthairs, and believe me David has great dogs at a great price. By now your probably thinking that I'm David's brother or something. I've only met him once. Visit my website and see Jack and Jill, and there sons and daughters, and believe me that I highly recommend David's Kennel."

-Randy Randall

"We purchased Gunner as a pup to be a companion for our 7 year old son. He has turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever owned! We have owned several different hunting breeds as well as working stock dogs. He is the perfect buddy for our son and goes everywhere with him. Pick up a gun and he is all business with the most amazing nose. He has pointed since day one and retrieves like a Lab. I have used him in the dove field as well as pheasant hunts in South Dakota and quail hunts in Kentucky. Everywhere I hunted with him, someone wants to buy him or find out where I got him. I can easily recommend David and will definitely own another GSP."

-Jody Huckabay