All pups are $1,000 each. A deposit of $200 is required to reserve your pup. The balance of $800 is due at pickup. When picking up your pup, we request that you bring cash, a cashier's check or pay by Paypal or credit card. No personal checks please.

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we can't provide you with a pup of the sex you have chosen. In this case, we will happily return your deposit. Since most pups are reserved before being born, we cannot guarantee a certain color or pattern. No deposits will be returned based on color. There will be an added charge of 3% for each deposit or payment made through PayPal. 
We no longer remove dewclaws on puppies. 

After a lot of reading, research and talks with our vet, we have decided that the pros of leaving the dewclaws far outweigh the cons. One of the main reasons is, taking the dewclaws off greatly increases the chance of arthritis later in life. There are more reasons to leave dewclaws instead of removing them, but they are too numerous to list here. The health of our dogs is top priority

No Puppies Available At This Time.